New site, old (80’s) styles.

Oh hey there everyone!

80s Glam

So, here we are, the revamp is underway! Since this is the first photo shoot I styled (and it’s New Years Eve after all!), I found it fitting to be the first post of the new improved website.

If you’ve read a bit about me, you know I love 80’s fashion. So, how could I not use that love towards my vision?  My darling friend Aurelie was kind enough to model with me; she was one of the first people I styled, so it was an obvious choice to ask her to join me for this spread.  The dresses are both from Salvation Army and are Nu Mode.  I will get back to Nu Mode soon, this is my most absolute favourite label, you will see much more on the blog.  In the mean time, welcome to the new site, thanks for visiting and stay tuned for a lot of fun posts, creative ideas and a whole bunch of style!

Happy 2015 everyone! Cheers to a dazzling year ahead!