Clever accessory idea.

So sometimes to be stylish on a budget, you need to get creative and crafty.  Here is a perfect example.

This “collar necklace” trend has been around for a couple years now, and I’ve been wearing mine for those last couple years.  The thing is, you can surely buy one at the mall, OR, make one yourself!

I went to Salvation Army, picked up a mens shirt, did a little cutting and gluing (no sewing required!) and voila, a great accessory for that nerd-chic look.

I found that I wear my collar with sweaters but also with this I Heart NY shirt.  Oh, another revamp there….bought a whole bunch of these tee’s from a street vendor from my last trip to the Big Apple, and got super crafty with many of them, cutting, tying, etc.  This one I like to wear out or to work paired with a blazer.  Earrings are almost always vintage from my mom’s closet and shoes, those Aldo black pumps are the go to’s!

Check it out!