Franco Valeri.



Throughout the years I have bought many sweaters and noticed I kept gravitating to a similar style.  Sure enough, they all had a similar look and it was because they were all the same designer/brand- Franco Valeri.  I have quite a few of his sweaters.  In terms of designers, I’m not really sure where this brand fairs, nor does it matter, but I have come across these sweaters from all different avenues of the second hand market.  I’ve tried to search online for more information about Valeri, but have not had much luck.  All that seems to populate are Etsy and eBay offerings.  If anyone has any history about this brand, please share it with me!

This sweater was the first Franco Valeri I found.  At the time, I had no idea it would be the first of many.  I really like the fit and the textures of the different yarn.  Love the geometric shape and it’s overall style.  This one is from Value Village.  I pair it with black pants, sometimes black jeans and either boots or black heels. No alterations.

Pants: H&M.

Shoes: Aldo.

Earrings: Mothers hand me down plastic (80’s). Head cut off again, so here are the earrings:


Jem Fashion Flashback:

Though not the same color, my head immediately went to Stormers outfit.  Same style as her sweater…perhaps she too, is wearing a Franco Valeri? 😉


*Photo by Cindy Howes.