Oh, summer….


70s femme

Remember when it was summertime? The warm breeze? No heavy coats? No slush?  Hey, I’m not knocking winter, but I needed a lead in for this post!

You will see that come summertime, I will inundate you with posts about dresses, I LOVE DRESSES!  A dress just makes you feel ultra femme, pretty, and cool (breezy, hello!) for the summer!

So check out this one, one of my faves (I was able to find it in black too!). Tag removed, so sigh, this one is a no name. This gem was found at Stella Luna, a great vintage shop in Parkdale.  Lots of great items and great prices.  Definitely one of my fave shops in the city.

I went 1970’s boho femme, adding earrings from Walmart (yes, Walmart!).  Also, I do apologize that you can’t see the shoes.  They’ll be included in another post, however, imagine beige strappy heeled sandals. A very simple, natural look for a perfect summer’s eve. Oh hey, side note- that gorgeous gal in the shot with me is none other than my photographer and best pal, Cindy Howes!