The blazer.

Guys, I am a HUGE fan of blazers.  Seriously, what a great way to make an outfit really come together.  I have several blazers because well, a little secret:  You know those days when you stare at your closet and really have a tough time picking something (ooooooh the effort!)?  Just wear your most comfortable pants and tank, add a blazer and voila! Problem solved!

This blazer was another find from Salvation Army.  To be honest, I wasn’t 100% convinced on it and thought it was a bit expensive compared to others I had seen.  However, I bought it anyway and am SO glad I did! I wear it all the time.  It is a bit big for me, however, you will see in other posts, over sized is not a bad thing and can be worn well/not sloppy looking if matched with the proper accessories and shoes. (yes, really!)

The Blazer

So, this piece, looking closer at it, may have been homemade or a sample and there is no lining and to tag. This appealed to me because, as you know, I don’t like to have what everyone else has, so this may very well be a one-of-a-kind piece.  I apologize for the bad pic, I took a shot of the fabric….it has little flowers on it and is a bit of a canvas/jean material.  Super neat.   No alterations.


Shoes: Urban Outfitters.

Pants and Tank: H&M.

Earrings: Hand me down from moms closet.


Jem Fashion Flashback:

After wearing this outfit a few times, I felt it reminded me of a Jem outfit; Kimber’s Rock N’ Roses outfit.