Are jumpsuits here to stay?

Oh, I really hope they are!

I am such a sucker for Jumpsuits.  As you know, the Purple Jumpsuit is my fave piece I own, but this one, this one is a close second.

This photo was taken candidly by a pal while I was trying to order a taxi on a flip phone. Hey, go retro all the way or why bother, right? 😉

Both the Jumpsuit and purse are from Goodwill.  The Jumpsuit brand is Jump for Joy Ltee., which after searching the web, could be Les Vetements Jump For Joy Ltee.(?) The only alteration was that there was a belt, but because my torso is a bit long for this one piece, we used the belt as extra fabric through the mid-section and created a built-in belt that now fits perfectly.

That purse was a great find, straw and cotton with the option of making it a clutch! LOVE.

Shoes: These sandals are Rocketdog.  I found them at a shoe store that was closing down so there was a massive sale.  Well, I just loved them so much and the price was right, so, I got the same pair in green.  Remember that 1970s boho femme dress post? These are the shoes I wore with that dress. Not bad, right?

So, another key point to remember when putting together an outfit: buy accessories you can use over and over again with other outfits! Whether it be shoes, handbags, or jewelry, sometimes they are outfit specific, but sometimes you can truly be flexible and use them with many, many other creations!