Bright Colours in Winter.

So, we already know sweaters and winter go hand in hand, but it always seems like darker colours make an appearance during these months.  What happens to colour? Seriously, they just get packed away with summer clothes not to see the light till what, April? Nonsense!  Here is yet another Franco Valeri sweater (told you I was in love with his sweaters!) and well, paired with red jeans, you have a great, bright (not over the top) outfit for winter.  Bright colours are an instant mood enhancer, and when days are dark and gray, a little pop of bright hues really does make a difference.

Take a look at the shoulders.  I am a huge fan of shoulder pads, but these don’t have any- what you see is a great gather at the seam, causing a simple “poof” at the shoulder which is just as effective as a shoulder pad.  I’ll get into this more when I talk about shoulder pads, but this is a great style/cut for anyone who has larger hips, or a pear shaped frame.  To go with shape, the coloured striped are vertical, which helps make me look longer, hence again, minimizing the hips.

Franco BrightSweater: Franco Valeri found at Salvation Army

Jeans: Old Navy, end of season sale about four years ago

Shoes: (not shown) the same black Aldo heels

Earrings: Moms hand me down 80s red plastic (not shown)