Knit Sets, yes please!

Not only do I shop vintage and secondhand, but I am extremely lucky that my mom kept her clothes from when she was my age and hence, also able to “shop” in her closet!  This outfit is very dear to me.  Talk about nostalgia!  This set was hand knit by my mom back in the 80’s.  I remember as a child, her wearing this outfit on special occasions thinking how elegant and sophisticated she looked.  Fast forward to December 2014, when a visit with mom became a day of found treasure!  You see, my parents just moved into a new house and so, the unpacking of boxes began and this gorgeous outfit was brought back to life!  I have to tell you though, it was a close call- my mother thought for sure I wouldn’t like it and was going to take it apart and use the yarn for a new project! *faint* To add to the joy of finding the outfit, IT WAS A PERFECT FIT.  Needless to say, this outfit is high on my favourites list.

Livs Moms creation

So, all in all, this is not only a secondhand find, this is a one of a kind!  On a cold winter’s day, this outfit really keeps me cozy and looking professional for my day at the office.  The skirt is form fitting, which I shy away from as I am a curvy girl (hello, my hips don’t lie!) but because the knitting is actually quite heavy, it becomes very forgiving, and dare I say, flattering?  The design on the sweater is wonderful; mohair design with matching wrist trim. GORGEOUS.  I matched it with a pair of my mom old earrings (also circa 1980-something).


Worn with nude heels (same Target ones!), this outfit is comfortable, timeless, and office ready.