Oversized is not a bad thing.

As I have mentioned before, and will continue to confess, I am a massive fan of blazers.  The blazer is a staple in any wardrobe- male or female.  It is the ultimate item that seriously makes an outfit.  A blazer makes you look put together, like you mean business! Yet- you can wear them out on a night on the town and look ever so suave and chic.  They also double as a great coat for Spring or Autumn.  Listen, I seriously could go on and on about blazers, but I think you get the idea.

The thing with shopping at secondhand shops is that you don’t get to choose the size. Sometimes it’s a bummer, but sometimes, it’s a wonderful opportunity to make the piece work for you!  Now, I’m not saying to go and squeeze into an item you “must have” that’s clearly too small, no no no…..please just no.  All I am saying is that, don’t shy away from a piece if its a couple sizes too large for you…..and by piece, I (obviously) mean blazer!

Now, you have to be careful here.  If it’s way too big, well, now you’re drowning and not fooling anyone. But! If it’s just ever-so-too-big, you might have a great look cultivating.  Check out below, it’ll make more sense in a moment….


I apologize for the bad photo- THIS IS REAL LIFE FOLKS! 🙂  Ok, so, taken on a typical day at work.  Check out the blazer, I fell in love with it but oh drats- its big.  Or is it?  Add it to a simple black dress, maybe matching tights and some kicking black shoes, and hey, I think we’ve got a decent outfit brewing!

Blazer: Hesselhoj Denmark

Dress: Rachel Roy (on sale, of course)

Shoes: Nine West Outlet (on further reduction sale)

Jewelry: Necklace (this one was a splurge from Macy’s, but I’ve had it for about 4 years now and worth every penny).

Tights: Seriously, I have no idea. Ever have items in your wardrobe that feel like they just have always been there?


Oh hey guys, since that day at work above, I’ve worn the blazer again, but check it out; paired with jeans and tank and matching purple pumps.  A more casual look and you still get the awesome vibe of the blazer.


Jeans: J-Lo Collection from Kohl’s

Belt, Tank and Shoes: H&M