Shoulder Pads are a girls best friend.

Bring Bring! The 80’s called, they want their style back!

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in getting a new post up! But here we are…and it’s MARCH! That only means Spring (and by ‘Spring’, I mean warm weather!) is just around the corner!

So today’s post is all about SHOULDER PADS. Wholly moly, I love em! I joke about it being an 80’s thing (Joan Collins, style icon comes to mind!) But seriously, shoulder pads are magic.

Depending on your body type, shoulder pads can be a true must have, but with the wrong body type-look out.  For those of you with broad shoulders, or a “V” body type, this look may not be best for you.  You can pull it off, but don’t go with a heavy pad, otherwise you will look disproportionate.

I am a standard shape.  So what does that mean?  Well, I can ever so slightly get away with most styles. And lemme tell you – I will take shoulder pads any day!  So, I may be a standard shape, but I have hips.  Remember, my hips don’t lie.  And honestly, sometimes they feel way wider than the rest of my body. And so, this is where shoulder pads come in handy.


This gorgeous jacket is a Simon Chang. Truly an amazing find.  I did a bit of research and I think it is from the early 90’s.  I found this great photo from an ad in a magazine and it’s dated 1991.  The jackets have similar features and the tag inside my jacket is multicolored like the ad, so I shall assume the one I am wearing is from 1991 as well.17-1991-SIMON-CHANG-FLARE-SEPT-1991-766x1024

Now, this jacket does double duty; not only does it make me appear taller and “thinner” (I say thinner, but I mean straighter, no curves visible) because of the most awesome shoulders, but because it goes three quarter length down, it hides my hips perfectly so I don’t appear wide.  Truly, this cut is wonderful for anyone who is an “A” shape, or for someone who doesn’t want to show their bottom half.  Trust me, you will be seeing many more broad shoulders (pad enhanced!) in my future posts!

Jacket: Salvation Army

Tank and Pants: H&M

Shoes: You betcha, those same Aldo heels.

Jewelry: My moms fabulous hoops from the 80’s and a very random chain necklace that I wish I knew where I acquired it from….it just showed up in my wardrobe!


And lastly, this jacket is a shorter version of a Jem Fashion Flashback!