The 1960’s live on.


Summer came and went. *blank stare*  NOT EVEN ONE POST! I apologize, where did the time go, truly!

For today’s post, I am going back to a photo shoot I did at High Park here in Toronto.  The theme was 1960’s, Madmen.  Madmen was just rapping up and as it was my fave show on current TV, I felt it appropriate to pay homage and to chat about vintage summer dresses!

In the summer, I wear dresses all the time because they keep me cool, they’re feminine, and let’s be honest, it’s always fun to wear a dress!

This particular number was one of the very first dresses I bought on Ebay. It cost $10 and I took a chance since I couldn’t try it out.  The gamble paid off, as it is a unique piece that could even make Joan or Peggy jealous when wearing it to the office!  I loved it because I thought it was age appropriate, the cut worked well with my frame (not too fitted for my hips to appear wide), and the detailing was magnificent!  It has a built in scarf and came with a brooch.  There is something to be said about vintage dresses; they have a history, and I love them because they come from an era that the craftsmanship and care of garments was so much better than today. Truly, such a great find and at the very least, if you don’t feel bold enough to wear such a statement piece to the office, you could keep it for a themed party or Halloween (though, I feel could never….such a shame not to wear it out!).

Dress: Sylvia Ann.

Earrings: Vintage from Poland given to me by my Aunt.

Shoes: Aldo.

Sunglasses: No idea! Acquired randomly.