Wardrobe Consulting & Styling.

Here’s the thing about fashion; it’s what ever you want it to be.  It’s a non judgmental, very personal form of art.  And I love that I live in a world and a time that I can wear whatever I want, be free to express yourself through the garbs on your back.  I wear what I wear because I love how I feel in it.  My goal is to let people know that fashion doesn’t have to be expensive; you can still feel great about yourself, have a positive self image for a fraction of the cost of what’s trending online and in the fashion magazines.  It just takes a bit of patience, a creative eye and being open to the possibility that someone else’s trash truly is someone else’s treasure.

Fabulous Clients:


Joanne rocks “basic pieces” more than anyone I know.  Her kind personality really shines with any outfit I put on her.  She really wanted to find items for work and casual that she could interchange and wanted pieces that were classic and conservative.  So, I kept the finds simple and stressed accessories- I am such a big fan of adding a hat, scarf or a piece of jewelry to an outfit; it really does transform the total look with ease.





Aurelie is already a dazzling style maven.  She has this urban edge to her, but with her Parisian background, leaves a dash elegance a la Coco Chanel wherever she goes.  She was a joy to style, I found a great mix of items for her, including a ridiculously gorgeous London Fog winter coat that fit her to the tee (see below!)  Paired with a chic pair of black heeled boots, a vintage handbag and a floppy chapeau, look out Toronto! She is truly bringing style to the streets this winter!



      “Liv Kristy is an amazing stylist with a unique and creative eye!!  She helped me be confident with my style, finding outfits that are enhancing my curves and makes me feel happy!  I highly recommend Liv to anyone who wants to create an authentic look with a reasonable budget.  Thank you Liv, I totally feel like a beautiful woman!”       – Aurelie




What can I say about Liz? She is one hot mama!  This busy mom wanted to find some pieces that reflected her style, but also kept her comfortable.  I immediately thought of prints and colour (one word: ORANGE!). I kept things simple with her and found her some great 90’s inspired sweaters, a couple rockin’ blazers and some dresses that are versatile for work or for fun!


          “What can I say? Liv is a natural and a pro! I cannot thank her enough for helping me find my own personal style that keeps me feeling confident, unique and fashionable. At no point did this feel like a makeover,as my final look is a complete reflection of my personality. Liv made me feel very comfortable during our consultation session, with emphasis being placed on my own personal favourite features, colours, cuts and style muses. Thank you Liv for bringing out my inner fashionista!”  – Liz


If you’d like to inquire about my Wardrobe Consulting or Styling services, please drop me a line at info@relivefashion.com for more information.

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